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Jin Alkema

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I graduated in 2003 and have been working as a physiotherapist ever since. After a nice long career in a group practice in Zoetermeer, where I enjoyed working and where I gained a lot of experience and knowledge, it was time for something new.


Personal development is the common thread in my life. Hence the step towards independence to be able to enter a new phase.


I firmly believe in the self-healing capacity of the body and mind and body are strongly linked. Together with the client I like to look for all blockages, disruptions and obstacles that stand in the way of this ability. We then make a tailor-made plan to ensure that someone can function optimally again within a real time. Fortunately, I have already gained quite a bit of knowledge, skills and experience to be able to guide this process properly.


In the future I would also like to study alternative routes (eg acupuncture), because in my view there are many roads to Rome.

Belangrijkste opleidingen en cursussen:

  • Opleiding Fysiotherapie te Rotterdam

  • Opleiding tot Allround sportfysiotherapeut (post hbo)

  • Medical Taping Concept

  • Dry Needing Systems

  • Cursus Nek-hoofdpijn, duizeligheid en tinnitus

  • Mulligan Concept

  • Medische trainingstherapie, (sport)revalidatie

  • Oefentherapie in het (verwarmde)water

  • Paramedische begeleiding Pro Patria (topturnsters)

  • Neuro Interlink

  • Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery

  • Orthopedic Masterclass met Dr. Joe Shafer

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